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Multi-Axis Bar Machines I CNC Turn/Mill Centers


4 Axis Turn Mill Center Combine Turning and Milling for increased productivity
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Twin-Spindle Twin-Gang Simultaneous working of main and sub spindle
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CNC Swiss Machine, 7 Axis Twin Spindle CNC Lathe with Sub-spindle and full “Y” Axis
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Twin Spindle Single Turret CNC Turn-Mill Center with Full "Y" Axis
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Cyclone-52 TTMY

Twin-Spindle, Twin-Turret Turn-Mill Center Multi-Tasking CNC Turning and Milling Center with “Y” Axis
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Cyclone-70 TTMY

Twin-Spindle, Twin Turret Turn-Mill Center with “Y” Axis
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Cyclone-52 3TMY

Twin-Spindle, Three Turret CNC Turn Mill Center with 48 Live Tools and Double “Y” Axis
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Cyclone-70 3TMY

Twin Spindle, Three Turret Turn-Mill Center with 48 Live Tools and double "Y" Axis
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Cyclone - 52 BY2

Highly Versatile, with Full "B" Axis, double "Y" Axis, 36 Tools with 18 Live Tools
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These 4 - 11 axis multi-axis CNC machines which combines CNC turn/mill centers, CNC swiss screw machines & twin spindle lathes. Ganesh Machinery provides a full line of CNC multi axis machine tools. Ganesh’s CNC lathes and turn-mill centers come with an assortment of shaping tools and spindles that enable operators to carry out a number of different procedures. For manufacturing these multi-tasking machines provide far greater flexibility than standard lathes and milling units. Click the links below for further information about our available inventory of these machines or call 1-888-542-6374.

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